Monday, May 7, 2012

For Mother's Day - Growing up together

Families grow up together.  As much as I’ve watch my kids grew up, they have watched me grow up too.  We’ve learned to communicate together.  I learned to be patient and flexible.  They have learned perseverance and forgiveness.   We’ve tackled hard times together.  We celebrated personal victories together.  To me that’s what being a family is about.  We share our lives for better or worse – learning and growing and letting go.  Even though my kids will probably be moving out soon and having more separate lives from us, I expect that we will still be growing up together.  They will watch me take on new adventures as an empty nester and they will see us grow old.  We will watch them start families and careers of their own.  We will answer their late night calls about sick babies or broken pipes just like my parents did.  They will help us understand the latest technology.   I never thought of myself as “the teacher who knows all” or thought of my children as “my apprentices”.   They have taught me just as much as I have taught them.  I’m so glad I’ve had companions to travel with me through my life.  I can see that we are never done “growing up” and I look forward to all of the lessons we will share in the future.

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